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OK, so try befriending me at morganmania instead...

i hate typos


Only Ivan has added me as a friend so far on morgamania :-P

Add me gooberheads ;)

Morgan Mania: Now Online!

I have created a new blog, which can be found at morganmania.

It is a collection editorials that I have written during my time on the ETSU newspaper staff.

So add me if you would like to read the articles. I will be posting about once a week. For those of you on facebook you are just stuck reading. There is no escape. For those of you who would like to use the RSS feed, it can be found here:


Gina on asking people out.

Sandy pursues Paul ...
Sandy asks paul out ...
Paul confronts Sandy ...

Paul says "I dont think it'd be fair to my ex to date anyone right now (insert some other random excuse)"

Therefore this says to Sandy (and similar females who are so inclined to be delusional)...

"I like you ... but I can't date you now ... but maybe when the time is right, cows jump over the moon (personal edit on my part) ... I'll ask you out.

Gotta love the peon job

During one of my on-campus work study job this morning I was instructed to:
* Make 15 xeroxes
* Burn a CD
* Open a box (yes, swear, went something like this "hey morgan- can you open this box for me?" like they had it waiting for me or something ... it was hard -- it had tape on it and everything ... what would they have done without me, that box would have sat on their desk all day)

Makes me feel so important that I am around for these ppl to do these difficult tasks. But hey, at least it wasn't as exciting as it normally is. Usually I am asked to scan entire books. Yes, individually scan each page of entire book.

I am so important. Wow.

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College Life. (the sober version)

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am at this current moment in time. I just feel like everything is going right. I honestly do. Of course- I am writing this BEFORE I start my database homework- so this feeling is sure to change before the day is over.

It just feel such a sense of newness in the air. I feel like I can conquer anything. I have met so many new people lately- and are developing new friendships. I feel like this is what I should have been doing in college all along- but have been distracted. I feel like I am finding myself, I am listening to new music as well- which somehow seems to have a big impact on me. It soothes me so much.

Newspaper is going great- and I am getting compliments about my articles. There is no greater feeling in this world than to know people read what you write. Words are so strong. I even learned that one of the computer science profesors that I didn't even know lectured on my article the other night. :)

My parents are trying to adopt. I will post more info about this at a later date (since nothing is official yet- I am not even sure if the kids know this is what is going on). They are great though- I was so worried that I wouldn't know how to handle little kids again (ages 5 and 7), but I quickly learned that the kids do not judge you- they just want a little love and attention. They are great. And so sweet. My parents keep asking if I am jealous. And I must say, the only thing that bothers me at all is trying to tell a story- or talk on the phone- b/c everything is so busy on the other end. But I am honestly so happy for my parents, and for my little sister Alaina- to be able to experience what it is like to be a big sister for a while.

My world is constantly changing. I am continually amazed when I stop to take a look around. A year ago, I was brand new here! Knew almost no one. Didn't know where anything was, or who to hang out with. And now, I am having the time of my life. I honestly am. My biggest challenge now is trying to fit this new lifestyle in with the homeowrk and 32 hrs of work I do every week (yes, I know, I didn't realize I worked that much til I did the math yesterday).

I am so excited about things to come- and know that it is only going to get better.
Morgan's Fantabulous Days of Summer

I should have done this a long time ago. So this is several weeks behind. But in mid July I had the honor and priveledge of traveling to Virginia Beach with Paula and Gina to dig a large hole in the sand. Needless to say, from the photos that you are about to view, our journey was successful.

We also ate out a lot, blacklight 3D mini golfed, and swam a lot. But obviously the hole was the main attraction.

For pics see my facebook album: Morgan digs a bit hole at the beach.

This concludes: Morgan's Fantabulous Days of Summer

Making Love Bubbles

Love BubblesSo I have been babysitting Lee's male beta fish Oscar since he has been in boston. Placed oscar right beside Betsy's female beta, Cletus (click for pic- that is Oscar in the background). Past couple of days, I have been noticing a bunch of small foam like looking bubbles at the top of Oscar's bowl- I have NEVER seen this sort of thing in Oscar's bowl before- so of course my first thought is: "OMIGOSH THERE IS SOMETHING WEIRD IN OSCARS BOWL HE MUST BE DIEING I AM KILLING OSCAR!!"

Called Lee- he had never seen it either. Finally looked it up online. Apparently, actually blow these bubbles when they are extremly happy and healthy.... and well, ready to mate. hahah.

There were actually a TON more than in the picture-but when dad came to visit this afternoon he popped a bunch of em- poor oscar- going to have to start blowing more bubbles...

You can read up on these... as I am calling them, love bubbles, here.

So basically, all week I have been thinking I was killing the stupid fish- and the entire time the fish was just blowing bubbles. Probably thinks Cletus is cute. :-P

Welp, off to Washington DC tommorow. :) No computer for 5 days- ahhhh!

Plus Account Level

Have any of you guys switched to the plus account level? I want to see how noticeable the ads are...